443 - 456
Preparation of high-precision CO2 with known triple oxygen isotope for oxygen isotope Analysis

Lijuan Sha, Sasadhar Mahata, Pengzhen Duan, Baoyun Zong, Youfeng Ning, Pu Zhang, Jian Wang, Yanjun Cai & Hai Cheng
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457 - 469
Food sources for camptandriid crabs in an arid mangrove ecosystem of the Persian Gulf: a stable isotope Approach

Mohammad Reza Hemmati, Mehdi Ghodrati Shojaei, Ali Taheri Mirghaed, Melika Mashhadi Farahani & Maryam Weigt
470 - 491
Can stable isotopes quantify soil carbon build-up from organic fertilizers?

Floriane Jamoteau, Jérôme Balesdent, Isabelle Basile-Doeslch, Emmanuel Tillard & Antoine Versini
492 - 515
The evolution of hydrochemical and isotopic signatures from precipitation, surface water to groundwater in a typical karst watershed, Central Texas, USA

Lijun Tian, Yongli Gao, Guang Yang, Benjamin Schwartz, Binggui Cai, Guoliang Lei, Guitao Shi, Christopher Ray, Soeuth Sok, Erica Martinez, Yunxia Li & Haibin Wu
516 - 534
Strontium isotopic and hydrochemical characteristics of shallow groundwater and lake water in the Badain Jaran Desert, North China

Ke Jin, Wenbo Rao, Wenbing Zhang, Fangwen Zheng & Shuai Wang
535 - 552
Eutrophication leads to the formation of a sulfide-rich deep-water layer in Lake Sevan, Armenia

Khoren Avetisyan, Natella Mirzoyan, Rayford B. Payne, Vardan Hayrapetyan & Alexey Kamyshny Jr.
Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies Volume 57 Issue 5 - Contents
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