Stable isotopes in ancient and contemporary enviroments
325 - 326
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Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies Volume 55 Issue 4 - Contents
Sources of primary production to Arctic bivalves identified using amino acid stable carbon isotope fingerprinting

Audrey G. Rowe, Katrin Iken, Arny L. Blanchard, Diane M. O'Brien, Renate Døving Osvik, Martina Uradnikova & Matthew J. Wooller
Konstanz summer school 2018 on isotope ecology

Elizabeth Yohannes & Ioanna Salvarina
Stable isotope analysis of white-tailed deer teeth as a paleoenvironmental proxy at the Maya site of La Joyanca, northwestern Petén, Guatemala

Maria Rivera-Araya, Kitty F. Emery, M. Charlotte Arnauld & Suzanne Pilaar Birch
Does trawl fisheries affect the diet of fishes? A stable isotope analysis Approach

Manuela Funes, Cristian Marinao & David E. Galván
327 - 343
344 - 365
Maternal obesity does not influence human milk protein 15N natural isotope abundance

Arnaud De Luca, Karine Bernardo, Marine Frasquet-Darrieux, Patricia Christin, Anne-Marie Schiphorst, Mathilde Grand, Pierre Ingrand, Richard J. Robins & Regis Hankard
Sauna, sweat and science II - do we sweat what we drink?

Michael Zech, Marianne Benesch, Johannes Hepp, Steven Polifka & Bruno Glaser
366 - 384
385 - 393
Snow gauge undercatch and its effect on the hydrogen and oxygen stable isotopic composition of precipitation

Geoff Koehler
394 - 403
404 - 418
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