333 - 349
Organic N compounds in plant nutrition: have methodologies based on stable isotopes provided unequivocal evidence of direct N uptake?

Christopher J. Smith & Phillip M. Chalk
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350 - 367
Quantifying nitrate pollution sources of the drinking water source area using a Bayesian isotope mixing model in the northeastern suburbs of Beijing, China

Liangsuo Ren, Lirong Cheng, Shurong Zhang, Aizhong Ding, Yi Zhu, Chunlei Lu, Yu Li, Qing Yang & Jie Li
368 - 385
Spectroscopic investigation of hydrogen and triple-oxygen isotopes in atmospheric water vapor and precipitation during Indian monsoon Season

Sayoni Bhattacharya, Mithun Pal, Biswajit Panda & Manik Pradhan
Review article
386 - 399
The stable isotope composition of hoarfrost

Renata Feher, Mircea Voiculescu, Patrick Chiroiu & Aurel Perșoiu
400 - 419
Spatial distribution of stable isotopes (18O and 2H) in precipitation and groundwater in Iran

Mojtaba Heydarizad, Foad Minaei, Javad Eskandari Mayvan, Abbas Mofidi & Masoud Minaei
420 - 442
First conceptual hydrogeological model of two intermountain Andean basins based on isotopes and hydrochemistry

Nerina Belén Lana, Sandra Ibañez, Natalia Salvi, Daniel Cicerone & Marisol Manzano
Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies Volume 57 Issue 4 - Contents
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