217 - 229
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Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies Volume 59 Issue 3 - Contents
Ecology || Article
Isotopic niches of the Northern shoveler Spatula clypeata in spring migratory stopover sites in the Marais breton, France

Axelle Moreau, Pierrick Bocher, Pascal Bonnin, Sébastien Farau & Christine Dupuy
230 - 247
Ecology || Article
Carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen stable isotope ratios of striped dolphins and short-finned pilot whales stranded in Hokkaido, northern Japan, compared with those of other cetaceans stranded and hunted in Japan

Tetsuya Endo, Osamu Kimura, Masaru Terasaki, Shotaro Nakagun, Yoshihisa Kato, Yukiko Fujii, Koichi Haraguchi & C. Scott Baker
Hydrology & Hydrogeology || Article
248 - 268
The role of continental evapotranspiration on water vapour isotopic variability in the troposphere

Nimisha Singh, Rohit Pradhan, Raghavendra P. Singh & Praveen K. Gupta
Hydrology & Hydrogeology || Article
269 - 289
Regional groundwater flow system characterization of volcanic aquifers in upper Awash using multiple approaches, central Ethiopia

Kidist Hailu, Behailu Birhanu, Tilahun Azagegn & Seifu Kebede
Stable Isotope Tracers & Methodology || Rapid Communication
290 - 296
Intrinsic labelling of common beans with 2H2O to enable estimates of protein digestibility

Karina Pfrimer, Roberto Botelho Ferraz Branco, Tom Preston, Márcia SV. Salles, Luiz C. Roma-Junior & Eduardo Ferriolli
Stable Isotope Tracers & Methodology || Report
297 - 308
Automated rapid triple-isotope (ä15N, ä18O, ä17O) analyses of nitrate by Ti(III) reduction and N2O laser spectrometry

Leonard I. Wassenaar, Cedric Douence, Susan Fortson & Douglas S. Baer
Jesium 2022 || Article
309 - 329
Preventing drift of oxygen isotopes of CO2-in-air stored in glass sample flasks: new insights and recommendations

Pharahilda M. Steur, Dennis Botter, Hubertus A. Scheeren, Heiko Moossen, Michael Rothe & Harro A. J. Meijer
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