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We would like to thank our loyal sponsors - without their support, a lot would not be possible...
We would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors very much. As a long-standing companion of our Stabile Isotope working group, well-known companies support and support us and thus contribute to the success of our annual meetings and events. These companies also regularly present interesting innovations and equipment there and / or are available as conversation partners for shop talk.

By clicking on the image on the left or here you will get to our sponsor page. We are very pleased and grateful that you supported us!
Event calendar updated
Periodically updated: our meeting, event and conference calendar

You can find all dates here
ASI annual conferences added: Numerous ASI conference proceedings are now available as PDF files
Numerous ASI conference proceedings are now available for download as PDF files. You can find these either on the overview page or on the respective conference page.

The following are currently stored:
At Taylor & Francis online: IEHS issue 3 volume 59 is available for download.
The editors around Dr. Gerhard Strauch, Dr. Matthias Gehre and Heike Reichelt completed issue 3 of the 59th year of our publication organ in May. Here you can find the content of this issue.

The contents of all archived issues are accessible here.
Invitation: GASIR Meeting 2023 September 24.-29., Campus University of Bayreuth, Building NW III
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